Stella May I know about some of your favorite things June?

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 Of course you may! Most of my favorite things this month are drinks. The weather is warming up and I need to stay hydrated! I have been making it a point to have more water and one of the best things I did was make watermelon water. I know that sounds weird, as watermelons are full of water (like why not just have watermelon juice, right?). Well this started off as a watermelon lemonade slushie drink that just never progressed to that point. I just plopped some of the frozen cubed pieces in my water and voila! I ended up drinking at least 5 glasses a day since I started.
Continuing our journey to becoming board game people, we tried Carcassonne. We have only actually played the game you see above once as we had to return the first one we got. But we have been playing the online version for awhile and have been loving it! It's something we do during dinner instead of just watching TV. This is a newer board game (well compared to last month's Cribbage), so we got it new. I would recommend looking to see if you like the game before actually purchasing it. Most of the board games now have internet versions. 
 Now back to the drinks I promised. I am still liking the pink drink from Starbucks. The baristas have since made a purple one and an orange one and a blue one. Basically the colors of the rainbow.
 The orange drink is: orange mango juice, vanilla bean powder and add coconut milk. They already have a green one: the green tea latte. You can substitute with coconut milk to match the rest of them and continue the summer theme. The blue drink is basically the purple one without the blackberries. It's about the ration of milk and tea to make a shade of blue.  The purple drink is: Passion iced tea with soy milk (or coconut milk), vanilla syrup, and blackberries. The coconut milk will make a lighter lavender color.
My third drink this month: donut drink. I mentioned this back on National Donut Day and that was still one of my favorite things last month. I probably won't be pairing a donut with such a sweet drink next time.

What are some of your favorite things last month?

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