Stella May I know why your fridge shelf is different?

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 Of course you may and that's because our fridge didn't come with a middle shelf. So Mister made a makeshift one that has been holding up surprisingly well. It's been a few months!
 Surprising because it's made of cardboard! This one is from the bins at Costco. I love looking through there for storage solutions.
 All he did was cut up a couple of pieces for the shelf ledge size, paint, and install.
He chose acrylic paint to help prevent moisture from softening the cardboard in the fridge.
 It was a couple of layers until it was an opaque layer.
Then seal up the edges with some tape. This is black duct tape.
The last step was to hot glue the little painted/taped cardboard piece into the fridge. We already had a shelf, it was just not usable since there isn't a ledge to hold things in. This little makeshift piece really expanded the storage. I know this is probably not useful for most of you, but I still wanted to share it. Since I was so skeptical that cardboard and hot glue would last! When Mister glued it in, he did wait for the shelf to warm up a bit. That way the glue won't immediately set. He also used hot glue since it can easily be removed with some alcohol. (Note: don't put alcohol in this shelf!)

The little acrylic edge piece would have cost upwards of $100 to buy the replacement. This little DIY'd shelf was super easy to make and just cost pennies to make. I hope you enjoyed today's Tutorial Tuesday!

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