Stella May I know about Carcassonne?

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Of course you may. So before all this Pokemon craze, Me and the Mister have been taking a step away from all the electronics and dabbling in board games. We started with the classic game of cribbage, but then we started to research other, newer games to play together. That's how we came across Carcassonne. (& it was on sale at Amazon.) 
Carcassonne is actually a fortified town in Southern France that is known for it's city walls. It's the layout of the city that inspired the board game. 
 Opening the box: first you have the tiles.
 They are still in the sheets and you get to punch them out! There is something quite satisfying about doing this.
Next you get the score counting card. 
The box is also designed to organize all the pieces. The middle space will fit all the tiles and the lower one can hold the little meeples! Meeples are little wooden characters that represent each player. 
There are five colors for the five players. Red, blue, yellow, green, black. 
Me and Mister's colors. 
The object of the game is to get the most points. You score point by building roads, cities, and cloisters. The game starts with a single tile placed and on each turn, the player draws a faced down tile and finds a place to fit it with the rest of the tiles in play. Each tile must connect with another tile. Then the player can claim the road/city/cloister they placed down with a little meeple. They all have different scoring and you only have 7 meeples to claim with. The game finishes when the last tile is played. 
This game is a little like puzzles and a little like cribbage. Since you have to fit the pieces together and you are trying to tally up points by making certain features. 

This is just a little introduction to the game. It's very easy to set up and very easy to play! Me and Mister would bargain with each other to try and complete our cities or roads. Since there are only so many of certain tile designs it is very possible that you will end up with some interesting layouts. That what makes each time you play the game different. & then you get to see your creation afterwards! I hope you liked today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday post and let me know if you played this game! Have any of you tried any of the expansion packs? 

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