Stella, May I unbox your new sheets? Parachute Sheets Unboxing

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Of course you may.
I always hear about how much of a difference there is when you have a good mattress, but what about good sheets? "Change your mattress between 5-10 years" but what about sheets? Martha Stewart says to buy new ones when you see wear and tear. The sheets we use currently are less than 3 years old, but I'm starting to see little pills form and thinning patches. Both of those issues are probably due to Mister's fidgety feet when he sleeps, but I think the makeup of the sheets also contribute. We use a microfiber cotton right now. While it is soft and plush, they don't seem last.
When I could visibly tell which side of the sheets are mine, I started to look for new sheets online. I knew I wanted it to be all cotton (durability) and inexpensive. After some days of research, my findings point me to Parachute. Parachute is an online based company that home goods, from bedding to bath. They have sheets, duvet inserts, pillows, cashmere throws, candles and just launched towels. The hardest part about buying sheets online was not being able to feel them beforehand. Parachute doesn't give a thread count because they was to steer the conversation away from focusing on the number. So what was I to do? Well, luckily I was able to book an appointment last year to visit their showroom in Venice, California. Their location is just a walk from the Venice Beach! I brought my mom with me and she ended up buying some new sheets at the showroom! She wasn't looking to buy new sheets but was thoroughly impressed by a ruched gray set they no longer stock. I was flying to Atlanta the next day so I was not going to be adding more weight to my luggage. But fret not! They have free shipping and returns so I didn't need to lug them home. Parachute also encourages you to wash and use them. And if you don't like you can return them! They already include a return shipping label.
They come shipping in a sturdy cardboard box. Once you open it, you will find a slip envelope with a letter from founder, the return shipping label, and the packing slip.
Tissue wrapped with a cute sticker to seal it.
Oswald coming to help.
We choose the Venice Set Sateen in Navy.
So why did it take me and Mister two months since I visited the showroom to purchase the sheets? Since Mister was unable to come to the showroom with me, I brought back swatches for him to test. But we still had the hardest time picking between sateen and percale. And we couldn't decide on the color. The percale is cooler and crisper, but also it feels a little lighter, thinner. Sateen is smoother and shiner, but warmer to the touch.
 As you can see the colors between the powder and the white are quite different between the two finishes. I love white bedding, but because of the warmer, cream color of the white percale, we nixed that option. We did the same for the powder shade. Since our walls were colored very similar to ash, we nixed that.
Also can you see how crinkly, wrinkly the percale is? So that ruled out percale. That left the sateen navy and slate. Our curtains are grey. They are also right on top/next to the bed, so we ruled out slate. I have never really considered dark bedding. Especially since we do have a light colored cat that likes to sleep with us, dark bedding was originally not something I had considered. But since there were the ones that we had narrowed down to and the generous return policy, we decided to try it.
Back to the sheets, the Venice Set includes a duvet cover, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. They all come inside this nifty bag. I think the bag is a great idea for storage. (if your sheets don't come with a nifty bag, you could use a pillow case.)
They are so soft! So far I am pleased that we chose sateen, but they are some heavy creases. Even though it was very tempting to use them right away, I staved off the temptation and washed them first. Side note: there is no discernible smell with these sheets. Yay! It took me awhile to find care instructions, but like most clothes and other sheets they were on a little tag on the sheets. Cool wash and low heat dry. I would have thought they would be printed somewhere in the slip envelope, but they weren't. I did found them online in their blog. It wasn't until I put them in the wash did I notice the little tag. I want to take care of my new sheets, so I would have liked Parachute to have their care instructions displayed more prominently.

Look forward to review and how we use them later on this month!

edit: Parachute Sheets Review here

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  1. hello! i'm curious to know how these sheets have held up! thoughts?

    1. hey sparkle123, I'll be sure to update my thoughts later this month. Thanks for reminding me!