Stella, May I know about your planner bookmark?

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Of course you may! This is my daily planner and lately I have been neglecting it. I thought I would dust it off and start it up again. The planner is the BlueSky and Day Designer Target collaboration I got in the summer last year. Target doesn't stock this particular design anymore, but they do have similar BlueSky ones available now. I would suggesting waiting until the summer though when they bring out new designs to correlate with the start of the school calendar year.
As you can see I have use a ribbon bookmark. It is currently placed just as decoration. I thought I would switch things and spruce things up a little and maybe that will prompt me to use it daily. This is actually a really good planner. The left column is a schedule with time stamps at every hour and the right column is a to do list with little squares just ready to be checked off. Here the ribbons are tied around the outer side of the rings. It also serves to cover up the gap between the pages.
When you retie it to the rings inside the planner, it becomes a bookmark. If you tie it a little lower so there is gap, then you can carefully slide each page through so you don't have to retie it each time you want to change pages.
To spruce it up a little, I cut a triangle shape at the end of the ribbons.
This just makes it a little more purposeful. Initially I used two different colored ribbons to make it a more colorful and overall more fancy. Now I tied the ribbons on two different pages. One for the daily page I am at and the other at the monthly view. In the picture above you can also see that how I didn't tie it right up against the coils, so I can turn the pages without untying it.
The planner with ribbon bookmarks. See how the end of the bookmark correlates to the flag shape at the front of the cover.

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