Stella, May I know what is your all purpose cleaner?

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I recently realized that I have been posting a lot about food, so for the month of March Tutorial Tuesdays and Fiddle-Faddle Fridays will not be about food. Well I will try not to include any, but if I do I think I will make them bonus posts. 
Now you may look at the only picture above and think why would I show a fabric bucket and a spray water bottle. At least that's what I would think. Today's Tutorial Tuesday post will be about how I clean our home. That bottle contains my quick, all-purpose cleaner. I just spray down the counters, stove top, table tops, sink, or even floors. Then I use a towel and wipe up the mess. That's what is in the fabric bucket. I like to keep all the towels inside. The recipe for my cleaner? It is just a mixture of half water, half vinegar. It's that simple! Because it's just water and white distilled vinegar, it's safe for all surfaces. Well it's safe for all the surfaces I need to clean. Vinegar is made from the fermentation of fruits, vegetables and/or grains. Basically this biological process turns fruits, vegetables, and grains into an acid.  One study showed vinegar kills 99% of surface bacteria, 80% of germs, and 82% of mold. Since it is such a powerful cleaner it's best to cut it with water. You can use this just about anywhere. Disinfect refrigerators, streak-free windows and glass, shiny floors. I even use this All Purpose cleaner in Popcorn's cage.
To get that streak-free finish I would suggest using a microfiber towel. For more scrubbing power, I use a cotton towel that is ring spun. Since I use this cleaner for everything, I like to use different colored towels for different areas of my home. So when I'm cleaning the kitchen I grab a white towel, but when I want to clean the bathroom I use a gray towel. The pets use the yellow towels. 
Remember vinegar is an acid so it's able to break down grease and even mineral deposits. I hope you enjoy this recipe for an all purpose cleaner. It's safe and very cost-effective! 

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