Stella, May I know how to fit Oswald in a onesie?

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Of course you may!  As promised here are some little tips to help get your cat into a onesie. 
 First you want the the kind that have zips. Oswald is able to pop the little snap buttons off very easily and cats can very easily slip one of their legs in the gaps. Secondly, since Oswald is about 9 pounds he needed a 0-3 month onesie and as you can see from the pictures, there is still room for more in this size. If you have a smaller cat then go for a preemie size. We found the best way to check if a onesie will fit your cat is to compare the length from cat's neck to base of tail to the onesie's neck collar to where you would make the tail hole. The onesie should be at least the same if not longer than the length you measured on your cat.
Now that you have your onesie picked, it's time to modify it. This onesie had covered feet, so Mister slit open the toes stitch. Oswald's legs are longer that the onsie's leg. 
 We don't have a seam reaper, so this is us using an Xacto knife. Just carefully rip the stitches and pull them apart.
 You may also just simplify it by just cutting the end off. We like the little toe covers, so we made the slit.
The next slit you will need is for your cat's tail. This was easiest to find after you put it on your cat.
Then you are done! Putting Oswald in a onesie just made us want to hold him more. This particular onesie had a snap on the neck to prevent him from wiggling out.I hope you like today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday! 


Stella, May I know what made you smile today?

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Stella, May I know why you put Oswald in a onesie?

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 Of course you may! It may look a little silly, but we had good reason to do so. We first put him in one when we were trying to stop him from licking himself, but now it is just too cute not to.
 I don't know if you can tell already, but we are a little Mickey obsessed. Not Oswald though.
 Look at his little tongue sticking out!
I think I will make a post about how we made a few adjustments to make it fit. I'll also go over which types/sizes work best. So come back tomorrow for that post!


Stella, May I know what you eat on a cool day?

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Of course you may! As promised here is how we used the Mentsuyu sauce for the hot noodle version of last week's Tutorial Tuesday. 
 I don't have step by step pictures today, but it's all about heating up and assembling after you've made the cold version. So the pictures you see today are of me and Mister trying to fancy plate.
 My version.
 Mister's version.
 First cook the noodles according to directions and just drain them when they are done. No need to wash them. Then heat up the Mentsuyu sauce and poach the shrimp. We also poached some bean sprouts, after the shrimp. The dilute the Mentsuyu sauce. It's about a 1:1 ratio between the sauce and water. Then just assemble it all together and you are done!
 We added in a soft poached egg and topped it with the bonito flakes from this recipe.
And there you go! A nice, hot noodle soup, perfect for a cool day.
Let me know whose bowl you like better below!
links: cold version bonito flakes


Stella, May I know what you look forward to on Monday mornings?

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It's coffee of course! Every Monday, I have a cup of freshly brewed, freshly ground coffee. One of the easiest things to fancy up your cup of joe is to grind the beans yourself. 
We recently bought the Hario Skerton coffee grinder. We were set on a manual one as we don't need another appliance in the house and it is quieter. There are two types of grinders: burr and blade. Burr grinders are conical and grind coffee more consistently. (Think of the old school pencil sharpeners that lived on the wall in your classroom.) Blade grinders use speed to chop up the beans. (Think Magic Bullets.) Blade grinders don't grind consistently and I have not seen a manual one. Mister says if there is a manual blade grinder it would have to be attached to a bike as that's how much power would be needed. Blade grinders are good for spices though! We chose a burr brinder, obviously.
 It's quite therapeutic to load coffee into the little hopper and slowly grind your coffee. Also the bottom is made of glass and comes with a separate lid top to store the excess coffee. So it's also pretty to look at.
 In this super macro shot of the grounds you can see the husk-like skins of the coffee, the boulder-sized pieces and the flake pieces.
Because this is a manual grinder, we have to manually adjust the grind size. So this is us testing the different sizes. Depending on how you brew your coffee, you adjust the ground size.
Since we use a pour over method to brew our coffee, we need a medium sized ground.
 Before we got the coffee grinder we just bought ground coffee. (Lavazzo and Cafe Du Monde) Since I have been grinding the coffee, I can almost taste the freshness. It's that or because I am using a different coffee. I signed up for the Starbucks Reserve monthly coffee subscription and that's what I used here.
It's roasted and mailed to me within 2 days. They are all single origin and this one is from Rwanda. I only have about two cups of coffee a week and Mister doesn't have any, so this subscription is way more coffee than I would need. So, I've cancelled the subscription. It's nice if I like sampling lots of coffee, but we just don't need that much.
Do you have anything you look forward to on Mondays? Comment below to let me know!


Stella, May I know if Oswald likes to hang out in the sink?

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 Of course you may. As I have mentioned before on this little blog, I didn't know much about cats growing up. So it was weird that Oswald liked to hang out in the sink. When we first brought him home, we kept him in the bathroom. (That's what the books say and I didn't want to lose him under the bed or something.) Now I see how much cats are hanging out in sinks all over the internet.
 He used to be so tiny! He would still fit in that sink, but it would be a lot more snug.
 You can also see how much whiter his coat used to be from this angle. Today's his ears and tail are a lot more rose gold. (He was about 1 year old here.)
 "What you looking at? This is the comfiest spot."
That's it for today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday post! (I'm really liking that it is becoming a day for the pets. Do you?)


Stella, May I know how you reused bonito flakes?

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Of course you may, but this was actually not my idea. It was Mister's idea! I didn't think the bonito flakes has much flavor left to salvage it, but he was determined not to just throw it out. 
 From the last Tutorial Tuesday, you saw that I made some dashi with the bonito flakes. After I strained them out Mister stopped me from just throwing it out and we set it aside. He was going to "refry" them and repurpose them.
 Mister took the drained bonito flakes and put them in a dry pan over medium heat. He moved them around so they don't get burnt.
 After a few minutes they are mostly separated and he seasoned them with soy sauce, garlic, and s&p.
 At the last minute I asked to have seasame seeds put in and that's the finished result!
I think we plan to add it to our congee or any time we want that savory, bonito flavor. It's a topping that I can add to a simple fried egg. It would add flavor and a new texture. This is just a little bonus post to this week's tutorial and you just know how much we like to repurpose things. Come back tomorrow for a Fiddle Faddle Friday!


Stella, May I know how you reached 50 posts?!

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Of course you may! It's a little hard to believe that I actually made it to 50 posts.  I am feeling pretty proud of myself and I thought I would look back and pick out some of my favorite posts. 
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I hope you all come back for another 50 posts and with my daily posting that should be pretty quick!