Stella, May I know how you reused bonito flakes?

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Of course you may, but this was actually not my idea. It was Mister's idea! I didn't think the bonito flakes has much flavor left to salvage it, but he was determined not to just throw it out. 
 From the last Tutorial Tuesday, you saw that I made some dashi with the bonito flakes. After I strained them out Mister stopped me from just throwing it out and we set it aside. He was going to "refry" them and repurpose them.
 Mister took the drained bonito flakes and put them in a dry pan over medium heat. He moved them around so they don't get burnt.
 After a few minutes they are mostly separated and he seasoned them with soy sauce, garlic, and s&p.
 At the last minute I asked to have seasame seeds put in and that's the finished result!
I think we plan to add it to our congee or any time we want that savory, bonito flavor. It's a topping that I can add to a simple fried egg. It would add flavor and a new texture. This is just a little bonus post to this week's tutorial and you just know how much we like to repurpose things. Come back tomorrow for a Fiddle Faddle Friday!

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