Stella, May I know how you keep your hair so smooth?

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For today's Tutorial Tuesday, I will be continuing my love for vinegar and introduce you to a vinegar hair rinse. Essentially, I like to rinse my hair with vinegar. It makes my hair smoother, softer and cleaner. The acid in vinegar removes the excess buildup on your scalp and seals the cuticles on your hair. I have been doing this once every two weeks for about 6 months now and every time I do a rinse I just want to keep touching my hair. It's just so soft! Mister has even tried it, and he likes it too! The best thing about this rinse is that it so simple and cheap to make. You probably already have everything to make it today!
The condition of the hair cuticle is what makes the difference between a good hair day and a bad hair day. For me it's the difference between spending one minute just brushing my hair to spending 10 minutes adding products and trying to tszuj it better. The hair cuticle is like the bark on a tree. It's the outer coat to your hair. The coat is lain like shingles on a roof. They are overlapping layers that lie along each strand of your hair. When these layers are are unbroken and lay flat along the hair core, your hair is smooth. When they are damaged and stick up like broken shingles on a roof, your hair appears frizzy. That't kind of the basic structure of your hair strand and the vinegar comes and seals these shingles flat.

Depending on the oiliness of your hair you will want to use more or less vinegar. The more vinegar, the stronger the rinse will be. Don't be worried that your head will smell like salad dressing for the day, the smell will disappear shortly after. I like to use a 1:4 vinegar to water solution. This is on the stronger side. My hair produces oil like no other so I like more vinegar. If you have drier hair, start with less vinegar.

All I do is after I shampoo my hair, I start pouring the vinegar and water combination on my hair. I start along the hair line and slowly pour it all over my scalp. I like to use the pourer as a nozzle and really direct it to the scalp. Then I apply my conditioner to the ends of my hair and let it sit for 30-60 seconds. Normally I like to wash my body during the time and then rinse out my hair and body at the end. When I start rinsing the hair, I will have already noticed a difference in my hair texture. But once your hair dries you will just not stop touching your hair! The smoother my hair is the less tangles I have too!

I like to make a bottle and leave it in the shower. I just used some bottles we have laying around and plop on a pourer.  I found these liquid pourers at the bar/kitchen accessories section of the store. (The red one is a condiment dispenser!)

To make the vinegar hair rinse:
  • Pour 1-4 tablespoons of vinegar into a bottle. 
  • Add in 1 cup of water. 
  • Mix and you are ready to use! 
To make it a little fancy you can:
  • add essential oils or steep the water in some herbs. (Be careful though! Some essential oils might be harmful, especially when applied directly on your skin)
  • use apple cider vinegar (ACV contains extra nutrients and is slightly better smelling) 
  • keep it in the fridge and have an invigorating hair rinse
This post is kind of out of place for DC week, but it is Tutorial Tuesday and this was the first thing I made when we came back. It just made my hair feel new again and cleaned out all the dirt and grime from the long car journey. Come back tomorrow for the continuation of DC week!

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