Stella, May I know if Oswald likes to hang out in the sink?

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 Of course you may. As I have mentioned before on this little blog, I didn't know much about cats growing up. So it was weird that Oswald liked to hang out in the sink. When we first brought him home, we kept him in the bathroom. (That's what the books say and I didn't want to lose him under the bed or something.) Now I see how much cats are hanging out in sinks all over the internet.
 He used to be so tiny! He would still fit in that sink, but it would be a lot more snug.
 You can also see how much whiter his coat used to be from this angle. Today's his ears and tail are a lot more rose gold. (He was about 1 year old here.)
 "What you looking at? This is the comfiest spot."
That's it for today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday post! (I'm really liking that it is becoming a day for the pets. Do you?)

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