Stella, May I know what you look forward to on Monday mornings?

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It's coffee of course! Every Monday, I have a cup of freshly brewed, freshly ground coffee. One of the easiest things to fancy up your cup of joe is to grind the beans yourself. 
We recently bought the Hario Skerton coffee grinder. We were set on a manual one as we don't need another appliance in the house and it is quieter. There are two types of grinders: burr and blade. Burr grinders are conical and grind coffee more consistently. (Think of the old school pencil sharpeners that lived on the wall in your classroom.) Blade grinders use speed to chop up the beans. (Think Magic Bullets.) Blade grinders don't grind consistently and I have not seen a manual one. Mister says if there is a manual blade grinder it would have to be attached to a bike as that's how much power would be needed. Blade grinders are good for spices though! We chose a burr brinder, obviously.
 It's quite therapeutic to load coffee into the little hopper and slowly grind your coffee. Also the bottom is made of glass and comes with a separate lid top to store the excess coffee. So it's also pretty to look at.
 In this super macro shot of the grounds you can see the husk-like skins of the coffee, the boulder-sized pieces and the flake pieces.
Because this is a manual grinder, we have to manually adjust the grind size. So this is us testing the different sizes. Depending on how you brew your coffee, you adjust the ground size.
Since we use a pour over method to brew our coffee, we need a medium sized ground.
 Before we got the coffee grinder we just bought ground coffee. (Lavazzo and Cafe Du Monde) Since I have been grinding the coffee, I can almost taste the freshness. It's that or because I am using a different coffee. I signed up for the Starbucks Reserve monthly coffee subscription and that's what I used here.
It's roasted and mailed to me within 2 days. They are all single origin and this one is from Rwanda. I only have about two cups of coffee a week and Mister doesn't have any, so this subscription is way more coffee than I would need. So, I've cancelled the subscription. It's nice if I like sampling lots of coffee, but we just don't need that much.
Do you have anything you look forward to on Mondays? Comment below to let me know!

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