Stella, May I ask why Oswald is wearing socks?

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 Of course you may. For today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday post, I thought I would post something a little sillier. How cute does little mister Oswald look in socks?
 So he didn't just decide to put them on himself, but when we put them on, he did seem to enjoy it for a little bit. He just laid there while me and Mister snapped some pictures. When he started to get up and walk, the neon pink ducky socks slipped right off.
 That soccer ball is one of Oswald's favorite toys. It's a squishy ball, but it has to be this particular kind of squishy. Do any of your pets have a specific toy they like? We have a few of these balls since they bounce all over the place and then get lost.
I hope you have been enjoying two weeks of posts! It is halfway through the month and I have to say I am pretty proud of myself. I didn't want to say anything about posting every weekday, but I have been really enjoying it and I am really hoping I will continue this. This was the little surprise I teased about at the end of March and I hope you come back next week for another week of posts!

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