Stella, may I know about you?

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Of course you may.

My name is Stella May. I'm currently in Tampa, Florida and I've decided to start a blog. This will be my first time blogging and I want this little corner of the internet to be about home, food, beauty, life, and just a hodgepodge of potpourri. My plan is to blog every other day or so about my day and the occasional instructional. I love to cook and bake and I want to start documenting my creations. There is a Mister in my life. He'll pop up here and there, but most of the time he will stay hidden. There are also three little misters in my life: Oswald my 2yo cat, Valentine a blue betta fish, and Popcorn a baby hedgehog. More about these little misters in the next few posts.

I've decided to start my blog the day after Independence Day, July 5th. Starting it off with a boom. (I've been trying to start for about a month... but setting a date has finally got me to actually publish!) Speaking of Independence Day, here's how I spent mine. Unsure of where to watch fireworks, I asked around and me and Mister decided to go to Channelside.

We arrived at Channelside by 6PM and got two wirstbands. Only 3,100 wristbands were going to be handed out for the 9PM fireworks event. Seeing as how  we were 3 hours early, we tried to find something to do. After the traffic and the frustration of finding parking, we didn’t dare leave. Two hours before show time, the clouds started to roll in. As a side note just about every day I've been here (since the start of summer), there has been thunder/lightning storms on a daily basis. The thunderstorms don't last long, but of course on the 4th of July (when I was hoping to enjoy a nice day out and watch fireworks) the storm loomed above to no avail. Since we were right on the waterfront, the lightning delayed the show. Luckily the show wasn’t canceled and eventually started at 9:45PM.

Even after all the waiting and hiding from the storm, it was well worth it because we were able to  watch fireworks in the front row. Fireworks were shooting off from a boat just off the shore and exploded above us. Two tiny downsides to being so close to the firework action are the ash debris and the loud boom-booms. Overall being so close to the fireworks is probably a one time thing, but I'm glad we did it. We will just be enjoying them from a distance from now on.

Right now I'm craving a sweet. But tbh, I am never not craving a sweets. (donuts, chocolate, ice cream, candy..) That's my first post and I hope I've piqued your interest and that you continue following my new venture into the blogging world to learn more about me my life, beauty, do it yourself projects and nifty tidbits here and there.

Stella May

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