Stella, May I know how your Evolution Bra is holding up? knixwear Evolution Bra review

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Of course you may. First off, I want to say welcome to all of you from Kickstarter who have read my initial impressions. That post was more of an unboxing and first thoughts on the bra, today's post is a review. Secondly, I have only been wearing and washing the bra for about six weeks. This is going to be an update to how I have been liking it and how it has been holding up. I have been wearing the bra about 2-3 times a week and I have washed it about 4 times.
How has it held up?
For the most part it hasn't shown much wear except with printed writing on the back clasp. As you can see most of the writing has faded away. There is a slight shadowing or staining left behind, but I suspect that will wear out too. Most days, I wear the bra on the black side, so the the writing is directly in contact with my skin. Other than the writing bit, there has not been any fraying, the shape has held up, and nothing has "loosened." The fabric stretch is still stretchy and I have not needed to tighten the straps or move in on the clasp. I have read that the band should be perfectly snug on the loosest setting of your bra; and as you wear the bra, the fabric and stitching loosens and you would tighten clasp setting. That's how I determined the fit of this bra, on the loosest setting.
How has is been wearing? 
This is the bra I wore throughout my DC trip. I wore this bra for about 36 hours straight! I didn't have to adjust it once! My activity was not strenuous nor high impact, as I was just driving and walking the whole day, but I would have thought by the 12th hour I would want to change out of it. It's that feeling of wanting to release the pressure after a long day. However I didn't have that feeling! I barely felt it on. The straps didn't fall down once. When I did take it off there was barely any red marks. Other than the DC trip, I would say it has been wearing fine. It stays put and doesn't shift around as you move.
The Evolution Bra has light support. I am able to go about everyday comings and goings, but I don't plan on running or other high impact activities. Initially, I thought they were more supportive, but I believe that's because they run small. I feel like the sizing changes day to day. Some days I feel bigger and others I feel smaller, and I usually choose a bra that would suit what I was feeling that day. With the knixwear Evolution Bra, I can wear it basically everyday and I would not have a problem with the fit.
That said, I don't think this would be supportive for larger than D cups. There is no wire and the cups are quite thin. They are so thin that you can feel the fabric of the material of whatever you are wearing over top. That brings me to the shape.
Why I don't wear the Evolution Bra everyday. 
These don't give you the traditional, perky boob shape. I would say the Evolution Bra gives you the shape of slightly-covered-and-flattened-but-you-are-basically-not-wearing-a-brassier-shape. It's fine for lounging around the house or more baggy, shapeless clothing, but I am definitely limited to what I can wear with it. That's why I would say this is not the bra I would wear daily unless I am just in the house, running basic errands, or wearing lounge wear. I am not wearing it as much as I thought I would have.
I mentioned that the cups are quite thin and I have noticed that they are so thin that they are basically see-through! When I wear it on either side, I would be able to see what I am covering and that's not under direct light. So if I was wearing light colored tops, I would wear the nude side of the bra; and I would be able to see not only the shapes, but also the different colors under the bra!
How do they compare to other bras? 
I would say the Evolution Bra is closest to simple bralette but will a lot more support. It's not like a sports bra since it's not supportive. (The knixwear site shows models in the water with the bra, but I have not tested this out.) The bralette gives a better shape, even though it is also thin, wireless, and without padding.The bralette above is made of a thin spandex. After a day wearing the bralette, I would feel like the fabric is "tired." It's like it's done its job and needs to rest and regroup. With the Evolution Bra, I can wear it the entire day and even sleep in it and it continues to be supportive. As I have said this bra isn't for high impact movements, but I am able to walk up and down stairs without wanting to hold anything in and nothing is bouncing. Because of the thin material used, there is some rippling that happens in the section right under my arms. This might be due to sizing, but it's not that noticeable and it doesn't show through the clothes I wear on top.
I also mentioned previously that you can see the boning/lining through the fabric. You can see it slightly in the picture above, but there is a better picture where I hold it up to the light in the first post so visit that post to better see it. After 4 washes, this lining has not become more pronounced nor has it affected the wear. (I have washed it in warm water in the provided laundry bag, then line dried.)

Closing remarks 
The knixwear Evolution Bra has held up, but bras don't usually break down that quickly. Because of how thin the material is, I have to be careful in choosing what to wear with the bra. But the thin material also makes it very comfortable to wear. It's also easy to just throw in the wash. The Evolution Bra is nicely constructed and I can see it holding up through multiple washes and wears. I would say the bra was worth $55, but I don't find the need to buy multiples of them. Thanks for reading my genuine review of the knixwear Evolution Bra. I bought for my Evolution Bra on kickstarter back on September 2015.

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