Stella, May I know what you eat on a cool day?

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Of course you may! As promised here is how we used the Mentsuyu sauce for the hot noodle version of last week's Tutorial Tuesday. 
 I don't have step by step pictures today, but it's all about heating up and assembling after you've made the cold version. So the pictures you see today are of me and Mister trying to fancy plate.
 My version.
 Mister's version.
 First cook the noodles according to directions and just drain them when they are done. No need to wash them. Then heat up the Mentsuyu sauce and poach the shrimp. We also poached some bean sprouts, after the shrimp. The dilute the Mentsuyu sauce. It's about a 1:1 ratio between the sauce and water. Then just assemble it all together and you are done!
 We added in a soft poached egg and topped it with the bonito flakes from this recipe.
And there you go! A nice, hot noodle soup, perfect for a cool day.
Let me know whose bowl you like better below!
links: cold version bonito flakes

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