Stella, May I know why you are wrapped up like a cocoon?

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 Why, of course you may! It may be because we live near a college, but when me and Mister take walks at the park we almost always see hammocks. They looked so comfortable and it just seemed like such a nice way to relax outdoors. So, we got one! There wasn't much, if at all any, research that went into this. We just picked this one up at Costco.
 This is a two person, silk hammock. (Mister is in this hammock with me, taking my picture.) Having never hung up a hammock before, we had quite a lot of fun trying to find the perfect trees! This hammock we got has bungee ties, so it was a little more forgiving with the exact distance we needed to have the trees spaced out at. It also has a little pocket that is perfect to hold your phone or snacks, but then it also doubles up as a storage bag.
 Cloud watching
As we left the park we caught sight of a deer!
This day was like a perfect day in the park. We hung out in our new hammock, we got to cloud watch, and we saw a deer! Comment below and tell me about one of your perfect days at the park.

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