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I know today is Tutorial Tuesday, but before today's tutorial I have this special review to share with you first. That means I will be posting twice today! Happy February!
Inside the box, under Popcorn, is the world's most advanced bra.
Knix wear claims that this Evolution Bra is the "world's most comfortable, versatile, and technologically advanced bra." It's an eight-in-one wearable option (more on that later), that you can wear from work to the gym. Mine finally arrived yesterday and I wanted to finally share an unboxing and first impressions with you! With these Kickstarter campaigns, you never know when you will actually receive your reward. I pledged for the Early Bird Bra that was estimated for delivery in November 2015. I've learned that those estimated delivery dates are really optimistic. Onto the bra unboxing!
Here Popcorn is posing there to show you the size of the packaging and to hide my address. Also, when this bra ships the only thing sealing the box is that shipping label.
 When you open the box, you see a brochure. Inside you will find information about the brand knix wear and testimonials.
Under the brochure, you get a fine-mesh-zippy bag. This is the free laundry travel bag included with the Kickstarter pledge.
That is all that is included in the package. There was no padding, nonetheless everything arrived intact without any dents or dings. However if it had been raining, there is no saving the insides from getting wet.
This box is packaged as if you can find it on the shelves of a store. There is no seal to the box. If this were sold at the store, anyone could easily open the box. Inside the box, you can see the bra folded neatly inside and the extra straps tucked on the side with its own compartment. Knix wear states that the packaging is reusable, but I don't think the box is sturdy enough and because the pictures are printed on the box, I would want to cover it to use it.
Here is the the world's most advanced bra, knix wear's Evolution Bra! This is the unpadded version, there is also a padded version that I'm sure wouldn't look as sad when you take it out for the first time.
This is one of the ways of wearing the bra. Black with black adjustable straps in the traditional front to back fashion.  Don't get too excited though, the other seven ways are not impressive. You can also cross the straps to have a racerback option or then change it to the nude straps. So far that is four "different" ways of wearing the bra. Then you can reverse it to the nude side and have that whole strap changing fiasco for another four "different" ways. I would not consider this an 8-in-1 bra, but rather a 2-in-1 bra. It's a reversible bra with changeable straps. The straps are adjustable.
 This is that reverse nude side with black straps.
As you can see with the nude side with nude straps, it's not completely nude. There is a black square where the straps connect. This was not clear on the Kickstarter campaign. Their mock up drawing shows the same black and beige option that I have (although it looked more pink to me), and it didn't show this little black square.
On the plus side, the connector is much sturdier and larger than any other bra that I have. (VS, Gilly Hicks, Aerie..) From this picture you can see that the tab formed to connect the straps is a sewed down fabric folded over from the black side.
The racerback or criss cross option. Besides the deceiving multi way bra, the straps that make that happen are great. The straps are wider than most other straps and have slight padding on the underside. You can also see from this picture that the clasp is a three hook variety. This will be my first time using this kind, so there will be some getting used to on my part. The clasp part lays flatter than other bras I have. After the first day from wearing it, the bra strap never fell down and stayed in place. This would be true from any new bras, so I will have to do more wears and see how it holds up after a few washes.
When you reverse the bra, the clasp also reverses and it is covered. When I first tried to wear it, it took a couple of tries. It might be because I am not familiar with the three clasp but also because the hooks and eyes are switched. So instead of guiding the hooks to the eyes with my right hand, I end up blindly trying to lead the eyes to the hooks with my right hand. It is probably easier to hook the bra from the front and sliding the bra to the correct position. It is certainly the faster option.
 The clasp for the black side.
The material is 60% nylon and 40% spandex.  I've read some negative reviews where they were disappointed that the fabric is just nylon and spandex. However, most sports bra on the market are made of a similar nylon/polyester and spandex blend.  This bra is incredibly thin and has lots of stretch, but doesn't compromise on the support. It has medium to high support. Because of how thin and sturdy the material is, I think that this wears differently than other performance, seam-free fabrics. It may seem like a simplified sports bra, but I think it's more complex than that. I can definitely wear this bra comfortably the whole day! I even took a 4 hour nap and was not bothered by the bra like I would normally be.
As you can see in the picture there is a outline where the underwire would be and the cups meet. I found this out when I tried the bra on. I was able to feel the different support from the two areas.
When you hold the bra up against a light you can clearly see that the cups are very unpadded and thin. This is not cold temperature friendly. There is a padded version of the Evolution Bra, but Knix wear says that it is a thin, non-removable padding. I chose the unpadded version since I didn't think it would make that big of a difference. The other major difference between the Evolution Bra and other unpadded bras is that there is the support on the top of the cups. There is no gap between the bra and your skin.

Overall, I am very pleased with the bra and I would recommend it. It is different than any other bras I have tried and it will need some getting used to, but it is just so comfortable. The light, thin material provides support that lasts the entire day without the marks left when I take it off. I don't feel the need to hold myself while going down stairs, if you know what I mean. I also like that while being seam-free, the bra doesn't roll up like other seam-free materials. Even though there is virtually no padding at the cups, I don't feel like they shift. Definitely no uni-boob here. So far I am happy with this new type of bra.

Edit: I have an updated review post here. It's a full review where I talk about how it has held up after 6 weeks, why I don't wear it everyday, and whether or not I will be purchasing another one.
Currently available for preorder on indiegogo

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  1. I am looking to purchase this bra but I wear a 32E and am wondering if this is a good bra for my size. May I ask what size you are since you seem to like the bra?

    1. I wear a size 34D. I wouldn't recommend this bra for your size. I think if you get anything larger than a size D you are more likely to end up with a "uni-boob" and unlike unicorns those aren't as fantastic.