Stella, May I know how to make Kit Kat croissants?

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Have you ever thought about combing the crispy layers of Kit Kat chocolate bar with the buttery layers of a croissant? It's a trend that started in a Japanese cafe and has been all over the internet. Well let me tell you, after you roll in a bar in the standard Pillsbury Crescent Roll you get a pile of mushy chocolate with not much flaky goodness. (Bake according to the crescent roll directions, just ignore the fact that you have a chocolate bar inside.)
 Break up the KitKat bar and stack 'em. (this is the snack size Kit Kat)
Or leave the bars unbroken and wrap the crescent roll around the bar.
Verdict: It's all not very tasty. The crescent rolls are too much like regular dinner rolls and don't give you any layers. You will still get the layers in the KitKat rolls though.
That got me thinking. Instead of trying to complement the layers, why not try to complement the layers with some crunch... Crunch bars!
So why not all other chocolate bars we have... Starting clockwise from the top left. Kit Kat, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Crunch, and Twix.

Here's the breakdown:
Kit Kat- no crunch, it had like a stale bite in the middle of a dinner roll.
Reese's- pretty peanut buttery taste, but no texture difference.
Crunch- the little crunchy balls stay crunchy! the chocolate was chocolatey!
Twix- the cookie bar stayed crunchy, but almost all the caramel goodness oozed out of the crescent roll.

Overall the winner is definitely the Crunch bars. I didn't expect those crunch balls to stay crunchy, making the texture difference rather delightful. It beats out the Twix because it was easier to eat. I tested all of these at a room temperature. At my first go, I had the Kit Kat bar straight out of the oven, and the crunchy layers was soften by the heat and moisture.  I figure letting it cool and re-harden was the way to go.

Let me know if you try this trend, and if you find another chocolate (or maybe fruity candy?) bar to try.

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