Stella May I know about the Cotton Candy Grapes?

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Of course you may! These grapes are not just ordinary grapes. They are so sweet and taste like cotton candy. Which is a little weird to think about, but they do!
They are from Grapery and are only available for August 10 to September 20. By the time I found out about them last year they were already gone for the season.
I called so many stores near us and most of them have already sold out for the season! So check your local store before heading there. Also on the Grapery website it doesn't indicate which store carry this specific Cotton Candy Grape variety, it's just if they carry any of the Grapery grapes. (They also come in this pink bag so I was able to spot them from across the store! )
 Here's me trying them for the first time. (I'm distracted by the Olympics here.)
 First bite..
And they really do taste like cotton candy!
(Which is one of my all time favorite fair snacks.)
Mister thought the also taste like cotton candy, but the candy taste diminished with each subsequent grape. He said they were still super sweet though!
If you get a chance to try them I would! Cotton Candy grapes are only available for a little while, so why not. We may be picking up some more (that is if I can) soon.

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