Stella May I know how you failed to make a Popcorn harness?

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Of course you may! This is a failed tutorial. It's a what not to do, if you will. Last week I shared I post about walking Popcorn and how it would be pretty cool to have a little harness for him Well after I shared that with Mister, he promptly started to brainstorm how we can make that happen. So for today's Tutorial Tuesday, how not to make a hedgehog harness.
Starting off with Mister's old sock. (I promise it's clean.)
Plop little Popcorn on top of the sock.
Mark out a little head hole. (Keep in mind that it'll stretch after you cut.)
Snip out the little hole.
Bribe Popcorn to sit still while we measure out where his feet holes go.
Or you can also do a 180.
For the feet holes, I pinched out a little but of the sock.
Then Mister makes a snip.
Repeat four times.
This is when I can't believe that I put a sock on my blog..
Then Mister just cut off the rest of the sock.
It's looking like a cozy sweater for Popcorn.
See that small hole fit Popcorn's head just fine.
Here's where the failed part came. We just could not get his little feet through the holes. The picture is us trying to tickle his belly. He would just ball up and end up hiding in the sock. (& that's what Popcorn is doing in the first picture of the post.)
He does like this failed-harness-but-actually-a-sweater we made him, as he likes to crawl into it.
& then sleep in it.
So I hoped you liked this not-Tutorial Tuesday post! Have you found a way to walk your hedgies?

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