Stella May I know how you make spring rolls?

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Of course you may. Last morning I woke up just craving for a spring roll. &what's weird is that I haven't had a spring roll in years! This recipe is all about prepping and what I like most is that I can make a few ahead of time and have it as a midnight snack.
We made some classic shrimp ones here. So first things first you will need: shrimp, rice noodles (or vermicelli) and rice paper.
Basil and mint. Crucial (even if you don't like herbs, this is basically what flavors the roll, besides the sauce.)
Prepare the noodles as directed, then drain and set aside. You might have to rinse it or it might start sticking together. &of course some lettuce.
For the shrimp, I peeled and deveined it. Then poached it for a couple a minutes, just until pink and opaque. Then I halved it. If I halved it beforehand it'll curl while cooking.
Onto the sauce. Traditionally served with a peanut butter sauce so that's what I attempted to make. First some peanut butter. This is the natural kind (you know where you have to stir beforehand), so there's less sugar and thus makes the whole thing less sweet. Keep that in mind if you use the no-stir kind.
Basically a dump and mix of other sauces to make this peanut sauce. Just remember its two parts peanut butter to one park hoison sauce. Then add in a splash of sesame oil, squirt of sriracha, one clove of minced garlic (not pictured, I don't know how I missed that) and a splash of soy sauce. Stir to combine. Then slowly add in water to thin out the sauce and it will slowly lighten too. (I don't have exact measurements as I just tasted as I went along. The measurements change every time I make it.)
Now that everything is prepped all you have to do it assemble! Starting with rice paper. Dip the paper into warm water. Go slowly so you don't crack it. (The water doesn't have to be warm, it just speeds it up a little.) Lay the paper down onto a plate. I wouldn't suggest a wooden cutting board as the water will be absorbed by the wood making it much harder to pick up later. Plate will do just fine.
Then lay down your shrimp. I put the pink side on the bottom so you can see it after you wrap it. Then lettuce, noodles, mint and basil.
Carefully fold and wrap. As you wrap the rice paper will stick to itself.
Fold in the sides like a burrito.
And just roll it up! Ta-da!
Just a little sauce on the plate and stack up two rolls and your done! If you are making this ahead of time make sure to cover them. They will start to dry out!

No recipe as this is a follow along type tutorial. &once you got all your ingredients, you just stick them into the roll!

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