Stella May I know what you did with that Hawaiian Plantain?

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I made fried plantain chips! I ended up trying the Hawaiian Plantain from the last time we went to the farmer's market.
At this point it's been sitting on the counter for a week and it just gets brown spots. It's the specific variety that just gets spots as I have read that they do turn yellow. Plantains are much more starchier than bananas and are used as I would use potatoes. They are also not very sweet, although these Hawaiian kind is said to be sweeter than regular plantains. Warning: if you get any of the white juice on you (or your fabric) it will stain!
I thought to make plantain chips as they are a favorite and it's the best method of preparation for Mister to at least try it. Trader Joe's has some salted plantain chips that used to be one of my favorite snacks, but since we don't really like near one anymore I don't have them as often. All I did above was peel and slice the plantain. The peel is a little thicker than that of a banana, so use a knife to score the peel to help.
Then just fry them in medium-high heat with a generous swirl of oil. Flip them after 3-4 minutes and cook for another 3-4 minutes. (with our little stove it took about 8-10 minutes on each side to brown.)
After they've been browned, then just take them out onto a paper lined plate.
Season with salt immediately!
Then serve! So to recap: peel, slice, fry, flip, salt, and serve. & that's why this isn't a Tutorial Tuesday. These fried plantain chips make for a nice side dish or a little snack. Although this one plantain was more than enough for me and Mister. He did end up liking it more than he thought!

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