Stella May I know what fascinating fruits and vegs you saw at the farmer's market?

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Of course you may! This is no ordinary farmer's market sightings. The market I went to is a supermarket that calls itself a farmer's market. So it's not that outdoor type or going from one vendor to the next. However the market does have different varieties of fruits and vegetables! Here are just some that I have spotted this weekend.
Watermelon. These are the darkest, greenest ones I have ever seen. They barely have the distinguishing stripes!
Rambutan. These are in the same family as the longans that I had earlier this week. Just spikier and red. After peeling the outer shell, there is some juicy, sweet fruit!
Enjoya Peppers. These are the bell peppers from the first picture. It reminds me a lot of the striped candies! If I was a bigger fan of bell peppers we probably would have picked one of these up to try.
Can you guess what these are?
Hawaiian Plantains! These are so big! They almost look like squashes. This is the only one that we picked up. I think I want to try to make plantain chips with these. We just picked up one so finger's crossed that they work! Of course I'll update you with the results.

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