Stella May I know about wax apples? How about longans?

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Of course you may. We spotted these fruits at the Farmer's Market recently and decided to try them out. Well I did, the Mister wasn't so brave. The fruits I am talking about? Wax apples and longans.
The green ones are longans and the first picture were wax apples. Longans are in the soapberry family (like lychees) and are native to Southern Asia.
Wax apples (or java apples, Semarang rose-apples and wax jambus) are native to Philippines, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. I've read that the healthy ones should have a light sheen to them, almost like a waxy look. (Hence the name).
I actually think I have had both of these before but this was the first time I have seen them in the US. I remember really liking them and wanted to pick them up and give it a try. Unfortunately I think both of them have gone a little off. Mister decided to capture me trying them.
The wax apple taste kinda like pears but with a watermelon texture. That's a little weird to think about, but think about having a watermelon that tastes like a pear (the Asian, watery kind). As you can see I enjoyed this one and quite promptly ate all three of them!
The longans are like lychees, in that you give them a little pop and peel them. See that they are a little yellow and opaque looking? Well they aren't suppose to be. That should have been my first clue.
These turned out terrible. I could not finish it.
Both of the longans and wax apples have gone a little off. The apple you see above should not have this hallowness inside. And the longans should have been more translucent and white.

I hope you enjoyed this silly Fiddle-Faddle Friday. Have you tried any fruits lately?

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