Stella May I know what you have learned about Pokémon Go?

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Of course you may! Have you been obsessed as I have? I don't know how long this obsession will continue, but I wanted to share some tips I have learned along the way. My little Stella May I blog is all about sharing! 
 1. Turn on Battery Saver! This game is a serious battery drainer. The app works with GPS instead of steps, so you need the app opened to be able to find the Pokémons. I could only play for maybe 2 hours (depends on the wifi) before completely draining my battery. There is a little saver-- the Battery Saver setting. Found in the settings (ha!), it was dim the screen but still track your distance and vibrate when you encounter a Pokémon.
Be sure to go back to turn it back on though, sometimes it unchecks itself! 
2. You don't have to just pick between Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur as you first catch. If you want to be like Ash and have Pikachu as your first catch then hold off on capturing one of the starters when you start. Just start to wander and Pikachu should pop up!
3. Gyms are places on the game where you battle rival teams, and they are often real-life churches. Don't be surprised to see a lot more people hanging around there. This game is very IRL social.  At gyms, you meet other gamers and you can very easily strike a conversation as you are rooting for your team. 
I finally claimed one yesterday! I don't have very high leveled Pokemons but I still managed to claim one! If I direct to the time, you can understand why I was able to. Yes me and Mister are still playing late into the night. 
 4. This is still a freemium game, so while it is free to download, be careful about what you buy. I just want to upgrade everyone! (That blue little shield means the Raticate is currently defending a gym.) 

5. Not only is Pokémon Go a social app, it is also a fitness app. I have walked far more than most other days (well other than our one day DC trip). The first day we clocked in at almost 5 miles! While you won't be hiking much (there's not much stops and gyms there), you can just walk around the neighborhood in circles and catch them all. Doing just this will really add to your daily steps. The picture is the quad at school, and all those pink swirlies? They are lures other Pokémon gamers have set up. Me and Mister were basically making laps to hit all the stops. 

6. Not only do you have to walk to find new Pokémon, you also have to walk if you want to hatch your collection of eggs on the game and hatch new Pokémon. As many people have noted, the game helps you explore your surroundings and get exercise without even realizing it.

Are you playing the game? Who do you want to catch? 

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