Stella May I know how Pokémon has consumed your life?

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Of course you may. I am still on this Pokémon train and I have noticed people have stopped playing. I can't really see when I might stop playing, but I have a feeling the novelty will wear off after I have collected one of each. The above quote is so true for me these days. I catch so many Pidgeys, Rattatas, and Zubats that they are just taking up room in my little storage. One thing I used to do was to transfer back to the Professor (it's on the bottom of the individual Pokémon page), but now I save them up to evolve them. That way I get more xp points and level up faster, especially when you use a Lucky Egg. So that's a little tip if you are trying to level up. Some benefits of leveling up? Higher cp value from Pokémon you see in the wild and you unlock the Great and Ultra Balls.

The above picture is from an artist called thousandskies and her designs are so cute! She has an Etsy shop and a tumblr. link to her post here.

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