Stella May I know the main dishes you've made?

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Of course you may. It's Fiddle-Faddle Friday and it's also National Lasagna Day and National Chicken Wing Day, so why not round up all the mains on Stella May I? Here we go: Above is my favorite chicken wing recipe. I can not tell you how many times I have made it and each time I come back to this recipe and it is always just as successful as my first time. 
 Cream of celery soup. So simple, so quick, so tasty!
 Juicy Lucy Cheeseburger. The cheese just oozes from the middle of the burger, no more cheese stuck in the pan.
Lasagna. Another super simple scrumptious recipe.
 Hot soba noodles. A lighter option.
 Crawfish Boil. It may not be in season anymore, but still so much fun to make and eat.
Pan-fried Dumplings. One of my first recipes I posted.

Those are all the mains so far. As I have round them up, I realize that I don't have a lot of them. I am going to try and make more and share them. So look out for them soon! (& I know that links don't always show up as prominently on SMI, for the coordinating post on each main just click on the name of it below each picture.)

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