Stella May I know how you reached ONE HUNDRED POSTS!?

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Of course you may. I am pretty darn proud of myself for getting to this point. I know it's not a very astounding accomplishment. I seems like fifty was not too long ago. (Looking back it was just earlier this year. So it really wasn't.)  Just like my 50th post, I thought I would go back and pick out some of my favorite moments.
We went to the Renaissance Festival! Turkey Leg was a must.
 My favorite legume: Peas.
 I started posting about beauty. Look for more beauty posts soon, maybe every Wednesday?
 I shared how we cook with basically no kitchen. I'll post more about our setup soon!
 I think I finally got my chicken wing recipe down! You don't want to know how many times we have made chicken wings since that first time.
We put Oswald in a onesie.

Happy Fourth everyone!

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