SMI Renaissance Festival

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 Of course you may! This was a fun weekend activity and here are some snaps of what we saw! Come back tomorrow for a full post of what we did and some tips!
So me and Mister have been binge watching House and there is an episode set at a Renaissance Festival. Then there was a commercial that just kept airing about the Celtic Weekend at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. But what made us finally decide to go was waking up early for a Saturday and with nothing planned. We bought our tickets online and trekked our way there! It's only a thirty minute drive from the city! 
 We didn't really know what to expect, but we knew we might be speaking funny and enjoying a simpler way of life.
 Dunk the maiden the water!

Oil Lamps

Horns and Ears
The Georgia Renaissance Festival runs every weekend through June 5. This Memorial Day weekend they are also opened on Monday! I used the discount code: smi to get tickets for $15.95 (reg. $22). Come back tomorrow for a full post on what we did at the Renaissance Festival. 

links: (discount code: smi) 

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