Stella, May I know what you hauled for your planner needs?

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Of course you may! This is my first haul, and I don't plan on having much more as I don't really like the idea of showing you what I bought without trying them out first. What if I bought it but then never used it. Then there wouldn't be a point sharing it! I decided to make an exception since these are this year's version of my beloved planner. I had thought that it was a nice collaboration between Day Designer and Blue Sky when they first released about this time last year, but then nothing came out during the end of last year for a traditional Jan-Dec planner. Then I saw someone posted about them on instagram that my beloved planner was available, I made a beeline to Target to find them. And here's what I bought!

Here are the two planners. I couldn't decide between the two so I thought I should pick them up now and decide after flipping through them some more. The gold spotted one is a daily planner, while the white floral one is a weekly planner. 
Besides the planners, I also got some to-do note pads and a ruler. The note pads are from the Bull's eye Playground (dollar section). They always have some cute matching designs of note pads, pencils, page flags, and other stationary goods. I was looking for magnetic pads, so I can stick them on the fridge. The ruler is the only thing in this haul that I am able to link to on the Target website. It's from the threshold office line. I have wanted a 12 inch metal ruler for awhile but I haven't been able to find any without that cork backing. This one doesn't have it and the numbers and lines are etched in, so I don't have to worry about it rubbing off.

There is also a conversion table on the flipside of the ruler. It's also etched in!
Be sure to come back tomorrow for the follow up planner post!
links: ruler planner (it's not on the target website, but it is featured on the Blue Sky website), gold spotted planner white floral planner 

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