Stella, May I know how you score deals at Target?

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 Of course you may! The best deals are always found at the end caps. In each section of the store (kitchen, home decor..) there is a dedicated end cap full of clearance items.
 The items will be mismatched and they should be marked with a clearance sticker. But don't think that's the last stop! Especially if you like the product, you should always take whatever item to the price scanner. Sometimes it will ring up lower!
These cute mules were marked down from $34.99 to $10.48 on the tag. It didn't scan any lower at the price scanner, but it did on the cartwheel app! Target has this separate coupon app that adds additional savings to selected items. I always use it as there is almost always a 5% savings on Target's own brand (Market Pantry, up&up). The app has a scan feature that makes it super easy to check if any of your items has a corresponding coupon. When I scanned these shoes they were 25% off! That's just too good of a deal to pass up!
This post has nothing to do with Target, it's just some tips I use whenever I shop there. Also this weekend I had my first comment! I'm sorry it took me a little too long to respond (as I didn't see it), but I promise to do better! Comment below with your favorite Target tips!

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