Stella, May I know your last month's favorites?

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 Of course you may. If you have been reading this blog for awhile, then you know that I have not done a monthly favorites before. So why have I started now? Well I don't know why really. Monthly favorites are some of my favorite post to read and it just didn't occur to me until recently to include them in my blog. Now after that long introduction, here are some of my favorites this month. First up, golden berries! (also known as: Peruvian groundcherries, cape gooseberries, Physalis, and amour en cage, which is French for love in a cage.) Although they have cherries and berries in their name they are closest to the tomatillo family. When you cut them open they look like mini yellow tomatoes. We discovered this tiny tomatoes at our local farmer's market and they were a pleasant surprise! Well they were for me. Mister despises tomatoes. To me they were like a cherry tomato but crossed with a cherry and made orange! (or golden!) If you see them, I would suggest trying them out!
Me and Mister also worked on a puzzle last month. I haven't played with puzzles in years and always remembered enjoying them. Now you should know Mister is really competitive and a stickler for board game rules, so he decided to hide the box. This way the measly 750 piece puzzle would be more of a challenge. We worked on it until almost sunrise and we still didn't finish. If you didn't know we live in a really small space and table top space is limited. We also have a cat that has no problem jumping onto tables. I had to put one of those plastic storage container lids on top so Oswald wouldn't go and finish the puzzle without me.
Another weird quirk Mister has: he doesn't like to do puzzles more than once. Instead he stores them in the box in chunks.
 Third favorite: my mini wet brush! This brush is so good for tangles. It doesn't pull on your hair and gently untangles tangles. The bristles are thinner and more flexible than traditional brushes. This mini one has been so good on the go. I don't actually use it normally for wet hair as my hair doesn't get wet in the day, but I do plan on using this as my travel brush now.
 My last favorite has been playing Tsum Tsums! It's so addictive to try and collect all of them. Basically you play a game with a Tsum and make chains to collect coins. Then you use the coins to open boxes. Each box is a mystery so you never know which character you might get! They have just added Star Wars tsums and I can't wait to start on that event. My favorite characters to play are Birthday Anna and Bumblebee Pooh. Add me so I can send hearts! id: oswaldcob.
That's it for April's favorites! This week will be a little wacky with my posts as my sleep schedule is a little wacky. Me and Mister have been going to bed in the mornings and waking up at dinner time so my posts will be oddly timed. But bear with me, I will still be posting every week day for this month!

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