Stella, May I know why your favorite legume is a pea?

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 Why of course you may! I find that you either like peas or don't and in our little home, it's me that loves peas and Mister that doesn't. However since peas are one of the easiest things to cook, it is very simple for me to throw in a couple of peas to a dish after I've served up Mister's plate. If we have a pasta dish (a super common occurrence), I would plate up Mister's meal then toss in a handful of frozen peas and then serve me up!
The ones above are some fresh peas. Remember when we found a new market recently with the fresh crawfish? Well Mister spotted some fresh peas! Still in the pod! This is probably the city (more like suburban) me talking, but it was super exciting!
Peas are a cool-season crop and mostly grown all year round. After doing a little research, I found that they are mostly green, and occasional yellow. However there are rare occasions when they are purple! I am now going to be on a search for the purple peas..
Most of the time I just toss in peas at the last minute of any dish. Just gently heat them the heat from the dish and serve. It's a easy step to add in some vegetables to any dish. With fresh peas, the most common preparations are boiled or steamed. Then seasoned with butter, salt and pepper. It's also common to flavor peas with spearmint! I'm not the biggest fan of mint in savory dishes, but maybe one day I will try it. 
Another macro shot of the shelled peas.. They look so pretty!
By the way, these are garden peas or English peas. There are also other varieties. Sugar peas, snap peas, snow peas... If you aren't very fond of peas, because of that mushy taste I urge you to try some fresh peas! They aren't mushy at all, well as long as you don't over cook them. Add some in your casserole or pot pie or salad or anything really!

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