Stella, May I know your end-all, be-all makeup storage solution?

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Of course you may. The thing that always prevented me from using my wonderful single eye shadows was how they were individually packaged. It's not as bad if I was just using one shadow, but if I wanted to fully work on an eye look with base, crease, highlight, and liner shades, then it becomes a bit of a hassle. (I did this project a few years ago, so please excuse the picture quality as they were from my old phone.)

The simplest thing to do was to remove all the little tins from the plastic packaging! Those Maybelline Eye Studio quads and Wet n' Wild trios are the most pigmented drug store eye shadows I have ever met. The two quads on the bottom are limited edition shades from a few years ago, but they are always releasing new ones and I have never been disappointed with them. The Revlon quads in the middle of the picture are not as pigmented, but I like to use those for daytime looks when I don't really want to think about it. They are great for those that have a heavy hand!

So it's one thing to want to remove the tins from the packaging, but doing it without breaking the shadows inside is another. The shadows are compacted powders that crumbles if I used too much force. I have some acetone, tiny screwdrivers (ones for glasses), and cotton pads to help.

Then I resorted to fire to heat the glue that holds the shadows in place. Each brand is a little different and even within the brands the method changes. It's best to just take it slow and steady. Try one method and if that doesn't work then move on to another one. Eventually it'll want to come out.

Then after you glue some magnets, the fun part was to organize it!

This palette was made for me by Mister. Basically it was made from wood scraps, a hinge, a plastic piece (you can get this cut to shape at any hardware store) and a metal sheet cut from a broken microwave and glued all together.
I had some extra room so I depotted some of my blushes and place them on the right. The big brown bronzer was something I was debating whether or not to depot. It's the only one of these that came with a mirror in the package. But I figured this is an under $5 bronzer and it's one of my favorites. I would rather have a more comprehensive palette then have a mirror I don't use anyways. In the picture above you can also see that the Maybelline quads I was raving about earlier (next to the blushes on top), I kept them in the plastic insert. Some of the eye shadows worked better if I kept the plastic insert, since it keeps the colors together and those shadows were more awkward in shape.

This is all the plastic packaging laid on top of the palette. Look at all that space I am saving! The best part is now I have them all in one place. If you try this out, let me know in a comment below!

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