Stella, May I know how you have s'mores without a campfire?

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Of course you may! If you haven't noticed by my lack of outdoorsy and camping pictures on this blog, then I should let you know I am not one to go camping. So it was hard to have s'mores. The only time we used to have them was when we went to the beach. They are certain beaches in SoCal that have fire pits (Huntington and Laguna Beach).
It was probably an insatiable urge to make me try to make s'mores at home, but at least it turned out good! Today's Tutorial Tuesday is super simple, but if I didn't see someone do this prior I would be amazed and then wondered why I never tried to make it at home. Since we had hot chocolate  and cheesecake ingredients on hand, all this tutorial is is assembly!
Break up the graham crackers and smear on some Nutella. Why Nutella? Well why not! If you are used to Hershey's bars then you are in for a treat! Not only do you get the tasty Nutella/hazelnut goodness, but you don't have to worry about having it toasted enough to melt the chocolate. It is a spread after all. I should also mention that if you haven't gone beyond Hershey's bars, then do try some other chocolate bars. Reese's? Snickers? After you spread on some chocolate top them off with marshmallows. That'at another bonus for using a spread instead of a bar. The spread allows the marshmallows to glue on and they won't go rolling anywhere. If you are experiencing  flying-off-marshmallows, then try slicing them. The insides of the marshmallows are sticky enough to use as glue. Then just stick it in the toaster oven and toast!
Watch them closely, as they do burn rather quickly. Another tip: if your graham crackers are a little stale, then toast them first. This little step revives those soft, chewy crackers up! Don't those little squares look delicious? Top them off with another square and you have yourself a simple dessert you can whip any time of the year.

link: hot chocolate cheesecake (Tutorial Tuesday next week!)

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