Stella, May I know how you make your hot chocolate super?

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Welcome to Tutorial Tuesdays! After the storm over last weekend, I thought I would show you how Mister makes me my hot chocolate. Although today's weather here in Atlanta is quite warm, we are going to be expecting a rainstorm later. As you can see above, Mister torches my marshmallows! How super is that? We use the Iwatani Cooking Torch. With this torch, you can get the marshmallows from every angle! Normally I have it with mini marshmallows, but I thought it would be nice to change it up and this way I would be able to show you the texture more.
 I've cheated today and used the instant mix. This the Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation.
However I much prefer the Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa Milk Chocolate better. I feel like it tastes better, but it might just be the packaging. I realize that I am comparing dark to milk chocolate, but I have also had the dark chocolate Simply Cocoa one. Simply Cocoa Dark Chocolate was still better than the Dark Sensation. I make both of them with just milk (not water), so it's also not that the Dark Sensation one is made with water, as per instructions.
Even the little packets are different. The Dark Chocolate is on the left, the Simply Cocoa is on the right. It's more colorful! If however you have your eyes closed, they will feel the same.
They also have the same instructions. Empty contents into mug, add 6 ounces of hot milk, stir and enjoy. It's nice that they didn't just copy and paste the same pictures. I wonder why Swiss Miss decided not to top off the Simply Cocoa with RediWhip. Either way, I suggest topping it off with marshmallows!
Empty contents into mug. This pouring shot isn't very good, since Mister hasn't come over to help yet.
Stir in 6 ounces of hot milk. I am using a honey dipper to stir it in. It's much faster at getting the lumps out than a spoon or a whisk. I just microwaved the milk at 30 second increments for about 2½ minutes. You could just zap it for that long at the beginning, but I find that if I don't stir it while it heats, the milk scalds. This pouring shot is much better as Mister has come to help.
Target brand (Market Pantry) Marshmallows. How cute is this new packaging. I appreciate the pillow-y letters and red color. Now you might think, why doesn't Stella May just use the Swiss Miss that has marshmallows? Well the tiny marshmallows that are included just dissolve instantly when you mix it. What is the point of having marshmallows when you can't have any of those pillow-y bites?
Time to top off your mug. Since I just used one packet, the hot chocolate only comes up about half way. If you want a full cup use two packets for a standard mug. I decided against it since it wouldn't leave any room for the marshmallows! This way I get to have marshmallows fill the rest of the mug! This cup is basically half hot chocolate, half marshmallows.
Turn on the torch and start browning your marshmallows! This is a rather quick process, so make sure you keep moving the flame. Usually when Mister is doing this, I am blowing out the marshmallows that catch on fire. Just brown until you are happy. Then it's time to enjoy the super hot chocolate!

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