Stella, May I know what you think about Shake Shack making a Chicken Sandwich or better known as Chick'n Shack?

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Of course I will let you know. But first, you must be wondering: Why is there a SMI post on a Sunday? Well, you can thank Shake Shack for releasing a chicken sandwich this week. Shake Shack has always been on the list of restaurants to try if I ever went to New York. Also on the list: Cronuts. (The original one, not the bajillions of copies that have sprouted up. Even my local market had it at their bakery.) Back to Shake Shack. The restaurant has been working on making a chicken sandwich for two years and after a successful test at their 3 Brooklyn locations, they have launched at all their locations. Yay! 
 Here's me at the Buckhead Shake Shack.
Buzzer. There was not really a point to having this. I ended up just picking up our order when it was ready. The employees just watched me take the tray. They didn't even check! What if other people had taken my order. I mean that wasn't likely since I was impatiently watching like a hawk for my order to come out. Oh and I just ended up leaving the buzzer on the counter.
 Table top reads: Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY. This surface was once part of a bowling lane.
 Order: Chick'n Shack, Smoke Shack Double, Crinkle Fries, mustard and ketchup. (side note: their ketchup dispenses really quickly and they provide larger than average dipping cups!)
 Mister's Smoke Shack. He wasn't impressed. When I had a bite, it was dry and not nearly as delicious as...
Chick'n Shack. Crispy chicken breast fried to perfection, shredded lettuce, pickles, and buttermilk mayo all between a potato bun.
Their chicken wasn't dry at all! According to Shake Shack, they precook the breast pieces (apparently similar to a sous vide method) and dredge then fry to order. If you see them shaking a basket of seasoned breading behind the order counter, that's their chicken breading station. You can see them really coat each piece thoroughly, which I think really attributes to the crispiness. At first I didn't know about the shredded lettuce, but it  was distributed evenly throughout the sandwich. The pickles added a brightness and the buttermilk herb mayo almost acted as a dressing to the lettuce. The bun was nice and soft and nicely contrasted the crispy chicken. Each component was a well thought out and well seasoned at every bite. Overall I enjoyed the sandwich and have to say it was one of my all time favorites. It might be silly to think a simple chicken sandwich would beat out their famous hamburgers, but I think it actually might!
Shake Shack 3035 Peachtree Road NE, Suite A146 Atlanta, GA 30305

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