Stella, May I ask why you have a giant unicorn light?

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 How can you resist a giant unicorn lamp? After months of waiting (kickstarter campaign shipping issues), I finally got my unicorn lamp. This may be an extravagant, unnecessary purchase, but I think the joy it brings me was well worth it. In the picture above, you can see how bright it is compared to the humidifier behind it. I would not recommend it as a night light but as a daytime decoration piece. The humidifier on the other hand would be perfect for that. The dim green glow right behind the unicorn is the humidifier. Until I learn how to GIF, you'll only be able to see this one color, but trust me, the cool part of this gift to myself is that it changes colors.
Excuse my scowl, I was really happy in this moment. It just wasn't captured in this picture. This is the giant box my new obsession came in. Also this is the outer no-hiding-what-is-inside packaging. There is no surprising anyone with what is inside. (Beware of nosy neighbors or postwomen.)
 Inside, you can see it was fairly well packaged. There is styrofoam blocks on the bottom and top that keep the lamp from moving. The plastic bag on the bottom right is the power source. It's a fairly short cord, about 3 feet. Plan accordingly.
Finally it's mine! Now you can see my joy. This picture it probably the best depiction to show you the size. It is a GIANT unicorn light. It would take up a small side table, as long as it is right next to an outlet. 

 Styrofoam packaging, or new hat. Maybe possibly Halloween cheese-head costume?
All the lights off and only the unicorn light on. As you can see the horn part of the light isn't really lit up. This was an issue that the makers were aware of but didn't fix. It is really such a shame, the horn is quite integral to the this light.

The Kickstarter campaign has ended now, however you can purchase your own at their website. Last time I looked, they were still shipping out the rest of the rewards from the campaign, so if you buy one now it would be a preorder. They have distribution centers in US, Europe, and Asia. I would still be wary of those custom fees. Keep in mind that these are big items, so they will take awhile to ship. Even though the campaign has ended, you can buy these lamps at a better deal now. I suggest waiting for a sale to buy it. After calculating the latest sale (20% off and free shipping over $100+), it would have been better for me to wait until the campaign ended to buy it. It ended it up cheaper and the shipping date was earlier than the kickstarter shipping date. I would have received it even earlier. Also you can return the item on their website, but you can't return it on kickstarter.

The right picture shows me holding the tiny very of the light. This tiny one is much brighter than its big brother and runs on batteries. I use it when I have to bumble around at the middle of the night. It also bumped around in the packaging since it appeared they just dropped it inside.

Purchase here.

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