Stella, May I know why Popcorn looks so angry?

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Of course you may. Popcorn gets angry when he gets hungry. (aka #hangry) But seriously, read on to find out why Popcorn looks so angry.
At the time of this post, Atlanta is on winter weather advisory. Stores are closed or closing early and our plans have changed to staying holed up at home. So far we have been watching a lot of episodes of Friends and now we are being a little more productive and starting to reorganize our little home.
For today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday, I thought I would show you some more pictures of the pets lately.
 Family portrait of all the brothers. L-R: Popcorn, Valentine, Oswald
 Popcorn having some popcorn while big brother watches over.
 Popcorn wants to swat the popcorn down and big brother Oswald is still just watching.
 Now that Popcorn can claim his reward, Oswald is looking a little scared.
 Oswald decides to go find the Valentine instead and scurries off.
 Popcorn angrily eating his reward. (He is not actually angry, it is just how his face forms when he is chewing. I don't think Oswald has gotten that yet, so that's why Oswald wasn't going to stick around to watch him eat.)
Popcorn is chewing here and as you can see he isn't angry anymore.
This is Popcorn not even a second later after the first picture was taken. It's just his chewing face.

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