Stella, May I know how you reached 50 posts?!

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Of course you may! It's a little hard to believe that I actually made it to 50 posts.  I am feeling pretty proud of myself and I thought I would look back and pick out some of my favorite posts. 
 The beginning of a laundry ball. Laundry ball post. 
 Popcorn drying from a bath. Popcorn bath post. 
 My favorite chicken sandwich so far. Shake Shack Chick'n Shack post.
 My favorite popcorn. Kettle popcorn recipe post.
 Midnight snow. Snow day in Atlanta post.
 Making a traditional new year dish. Chinese dumpling recipe post.
 We visited Nashville! Nashville Day 1 post.
 We visited DC! DC in one day post.
 Revealing a secret obsession. EOS lip balm collection post.
 Cooking these mudbugs for the first time. Crawfish boil recipe post.
My little family + Mister. All about my pets post.

I hope you all come back for another 50 posts and with my daily posting that should be pretty quick!

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