Stella, May I know how to fit Oswald in a onesie?

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Of course you may!  As promised here are some little tips to help get your cat into a onesie. 
 First you want the the kind that have zips. Oswald is able to pop the little snap buttons off very easily and cats can very easily slip one of their legs in the gaps. Secondly, since Oswald is about 9 pounds he needed a 0-3 month onesie and as you can see from the pictures, there is still room for more in this size. If you have a smaller cat then go for a preemie size. We found the best way to check if a onesie will fit your cat is to compare the length from cat's neck to base of tail to the onesie's neck collar to where you would make the tail hole. The onesie should be at least the same if not longer than the length you measured on your cat.
Now that you have your onesie picked, it's time to modify it. This onesie had covered feet, so Mister slit open the toes stitch. Oswald's legs are longer that the onsie's leg. 
 We don't have a seam reaper, so this is us using an Xacto knife. Just carefully rip the stitches and pull them apart.
 You may also just simplify it by just cutting the end off. We like the little toe covers, so we made the slit.
The next slit you will need is for your cat's tail. This was easiest to find after you put it on your cat.
Then you are done! Putting Oswald in a onesie just made us want to hold him more. This particular onesie had a snap on the neck to prevent him from wiggling out.I hope you like today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday! 

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