Stella, may I meet Oswald?

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Of course you may. oswald

As promised, I would like to introduce the first of my three pets! Oswald! Oswald was a Halloween present from Mister. We don't usually give each other gifts on Halloween, it just happened that way... but just think about it, how amazing would it be to receive gifts on Halloween?

At the start of 2012, I wanted to start a new chapter and what better way then to get a pet. I started searching animal shelters. Many of the shelter's websites were not up to date and the cats posted were older. I was looking for a white kitten (yes, it had to be all white) and the shelters didn't have any, so Mister started to look on craigslist. You should know I have never been the biggest fan of craigslist and I have been wary of how the entire process works. So Mister looked at each post and contacted the sellers.

It wasn't until October that Mister found me a white kitten (yes, it took that long). Oswald has since grown into a cream colored cat with rose golden ears and striped tail. Not all white, but I still love him. He is a domestic medium hair breed. (A mutt, if you are more familiar with the dog world.)

A little bit about his story... Oswald's birth momma, a alley cat, got pregnant on the streets. We don't know who his papa is, but thankfully someone took the momma in and nurtured her until the kittens were ready to be weaned. When we first brought him home, he would stay cuddled in my lap or shared my chair. But then he started growing! It didn't occur to me that you can estimate the size kittens grow to by looking at the size of their parents. For most of his first year I just kept wishing that he wouldn't grow! Look how he used to fit into that small flat rate box! I know that's terrible to want to stunt his growth, but don't worry I kept him well nourished and watched him grow into a big boy.

As he started to grow, he also became more independent. No more cuddles and no more chair hogging. These days, only when I have settled in with lots of blankets will he come sleep in my lap. But if I move the tiniest bit, he will run away from me.

march 11 2015 089

Mister has also been training Oswald. Oswald can high-five, kiss, and play dead! As you can see in the picture, Oswald can also talk to you on the phone! (He can't. He just fell asleep on the phone.)

That's a little introduction to Oswald. I'm sure he'll be in photographs every now and then. Next post: Valentine and Popcorn.

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