Stella, May I know what you did in Nashville?

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 Of course you may! After packing up all the pets, we hit the road. I find driving through the east side of the country so full of greenery and excitement. It's probably because I grew up basically in a desert and when we did drive out all we would see is flat, plain land.
 And we cross over rivers!
 Once we got to Murfreesboro we were a starving. And although we were almost there to Nashville we just had to stop at White Castle. This is Mister's first White Castle. I believe this is also the closest one to Atlanta.
 Once we got to the city, we quickly checked in and settled all the pets. Oswald found his way under the bed and Popcorn just slept through the entire journey. Valentine was probably trying to adjust to the water movements. First thing we wanted to check out? Nashville's famous hot chicken. I was contemplating a lot of different options (Prince's, Bolton's, PepperHot, 400 degrees, Big Shake's, Helen's). I ended up choosing Hattie B's since it was consistently rated well and they were open at that time. I got the small dark which includes the thigh and leg. If you gotten the large you can split your spiciness levels, but since the smalls come attached to each other I could only have once spicy level. Neither me or Mister went for the "Shut the Cluck Up" heat level, but that is definitely on our list the next time we rolled around. One tip I read was to have the bread last. That way it will soak up all the chicken juices and really flavor up the bread.
 Afterwards we stopped by the Parthenon. This was actually what inspired us to come to Nashville for a little city break. I'm holding on to a Hattie B's cup filled with sweet tea.
 Unfortunately the museum part of the Parthenon was closed so we just explored the Bicentenniel park. Look how pretty the ceiling looked.

 There are small bridges,
 cute swings and a flower garden.

 We watched the sunset behind the Parthenon.
Then we drove down Broadway to the honky tonks!
 Passing by the famous Ryman Auditorium. We aren't big into country music so we didn't visit the Ryman, but I read you can take pictures of you on stage and even record some music!
Since it was a Tuesday, there aren't very big crowds at the honky-tonks. That just means we got some real good seats and pretty fast service! Although we were pretty full, I was dead set on Mister having a fried bologna sandwich. We were to Robert's Western World and got their "recession special." It includes a fried bologna sandwich, bag of chips, and a can of PBR for 5 bucks! All in all it was nice to hear live music and experience a honky-tonk. Robert's is also known for their Brazilbilly, which we unfortunately didn't get to experience. But I have read fun things about the music. How can you not like a Brazilian and hillbilly combo?
The wall of cowboy boots at Robert's
Post honky-tonk cowboy boot shopping. There were so many stores that open late and they have so many! Yes, that is a mini cowboy hat on top of my head.

We ended the night by admiring another building, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

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