Stella, May I know what is the best burger in ATL?

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Well I don't think I have an answer for that yet. But me and Mister went to re-try one of Atlanta's famous burgers, Holeman and Finch's burger. Before they made their infamous 10 o'clock Burger a permanent staple on the menu, only 24 burgers were served every night and you bet your bottom dollar that they were all reserved well before 10 o'clock. They make a whole show of it. First they announced "It's Burger Time!" and proceeded to parade the burgers around the dining room to the luck few who snagged an order. It might not have been a parade but everyone in the restaurant was watching those burgers come out. Oh at the time (a few years ago), Holeman and Finch also had the burger on their Sunday Brunch menu and those were not limited to 24. These days, you can find their burger at the original restaurant or "public house" on Peachtree, at Turner Field, and at Ponce City Market.
This is the Ponce City Market location one. Its food menu only consists of the Cheeseburger, a Veggie Burger, a Salad, a Hot Dog, and fries. That's it! You can also customize it with an added egg, bacon and avocado.
And here it is, the Cheeseburger. It has a double-patty, american cheese, bread and butter pickles, and red onions. That's it! They have really pared down everything to just the basics. H&F also makes their mustard, ketchup, pickles, and bread. We opted against fries, since our last experience (which had fries included in the order, this time it was separate) fell short of our exceptions. And while we were waiting, we peeked at other people's orders and they still looked a little sad, so we passed on fries.
First of all, each part of the burger is really unique and I can really taste the each layer. The bun is a sponge, but it is substantial enough to hold the burger. No soggy mess here. The pickles, ketchup and mustard, are a little different and almost tangier than what I would expect normally. The red onion was subtly in the background adding a little sweetness. They were sliced thin enough to not add a crunch factor. Lastly the meat. It is a half chuck and half brisket mix that brings a good balance of fat and meat. Each patty is 4 ounces, making it an 8 ounce burger. The cheese is standard American, I would guess Kraft Singles. (Did you know American Cheese isn't really cheese? It's a processed cheese product. Go on read your Kraft Singles box, I sure did when I found out.) Overall I like the burger. H&F pares it down the the basics and make each component delicious. Mister would interject and say it's a little dry, but he doesn't like this burger anyways.

links: Holeman and Finch Public House H&F Burger

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