Stella, May I know how you cook without a kitchen?

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Of course you may! I haven't really touched upon this point on my blog, but today's is the day I reveal that we don't have a kitchen! Me and Mister live in a one bedroom basement unit. There is a bathroom and a "bedroom." I use that loosely as it's a everything-other-than-a-bathroom room. It's a bedroom, but it is also the living room, study/office, gym, and "kitchen." I use the term kitchen loosely as there is not actual kitchen. We just have a lot of appliances. 
 First off, the stove. We use a Faberware electric double burner. That's sitting on top of the microwave and the microwave is on top of the mini fridge. It's a very simple set up that you would probably easily find in any college dorm room. Up above is our pots and pans rack. It's a simple towel rack that we have attached some hooks on for the pans. On the left is our pantry cart.
The pantry cart was custom made by Mister to fit between that microwave-fridge-stove and the dresser. On top we have cooking oil, salt and pepper. I think I'll save the rest of the pantry cart for another post. Look out for that!
 So you would think after living here for nearly three years, that burner would not look as pristine as it does and you would be right. It just broke down this past weekend and we decided to get the same one again! Before it broke, the burner was working pretty well. The only cons I have are that it takes awhile to heat, it never really get super hot, and the black really shows it's wear. We don't get a hard sear from this burner, but that also means food takes quite a long time to burn something. As you can see the rust building up and the plastic covering in the middle is quite burnt. I choose to stay with the die-cast heating plates for the easy clean up and maintenance. (food doesn't drop down in the grates.)
 Pros with this model: it was never smelly, easy clean up, easy to maintain, two different sized burners, and the indicator lights.
 The burner set up is a little higher than a traditional burner, but it works. Here are am cooking some chicken in a pot.
Here is the burner all shiny and new. It is super unlikely that it will stay that way, so we documented it with way too many pictures. So you've now seen our "stove," fridge, microwave, and pantry, but what about the all important kitchen sink? Well that's because the bathroom sink is also the kitchen sink! I'll also introduce that to you another day, but I hope you enjoy seeing how we have been living without a kitchen for so long and a little introduction about our set up.

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