Stella, May I know how you will decide which planner you are going to keep?

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Of course you may! As promised from yesterday's haul post, here is a comparison between the two planners I got. First off, if you saw my planner ribbon bookmark then you already know I use the Day Designer and Bluesky planner. Secondly, in that post I said they were no longer available, but now they are! It seems that this collaboration makes midyear or academic planners only, so this would be the time to get it! Thirdly, I bought two different sizes/styles as I haven't decided which one I want to keep. The one on the top of this planner stack is my current one. As you can see it is much smaller than the new ones I got. After using it for this past academic year, I have been wanting more space. Not only do I write my daily to-dos, but I also use the planner as a notebook. If I see a recipe or a interesting DIY I copy down the ingredients and directions. 
This bigger one with the gold spots is like my current planner as they are both daily planners. The bigger/teal one is the gold spotted one, and the smaller/pink one is my old, current one. They have a dedicated page for each day (one one the weekend). With the bigger planner, there are three columns instead of the two. One today's schedule with half hour time increments, one to-do list, and one notes list. Both of these planners are pretty monochromatic. They have grey lines and have a pop of color with the teal or pink. If you didn't know this is a diffusion line Day Designer has. It is a much more affordable option compared to their original Day Designer planners. (about half the price)
This is the weekend page on the left and a daily page on the right. The weekend pages have a shorter today's schedule list and larger boxes on the top and bottom. One of my favorite things about this planner is the different quote everyday and the ample room to write anything you might need for the day. As this is a much bigger planner than I am used to, I will probably leave this on my desk day to day.
 Here is the medium sized one from the earlier picture (the floral one in the first picture). It was the one pictured in the middle. This is not a daily planner like the other two, it has a weekly/monthly layout. It also features more color. There is a floral pattern at the top of each page. Instead of the traditional week on two pages layout that features three horizontal boxes on the left and three boxes on the rights, It has long columns for each day. This is great as I like to make lists. Each of the columns are the today's schedule column (like the daily version),
The monthly view is basically the same for both planners, with the medium sized one slightly shrunken down.
Here is the medium planner stacked right on top of the large one. It's basically a column increase from the medium to the large one. Also since the larger one is a daily planner, the gold coil binding the planner is about double the size. The larger one is 8x10" and the medium one is 5x8".
The shorter one is the medium sized planner and the taller one is the daily/larger one. It's about double the amount of pages. There are other sizes and styles (including the striped one I am currently using) available, so go to the store to check them out!
Even though you can tell that the paper quality isn't the best (some pens will bleed and show through the other side), they still have this pretty gold foiling for the covers.
The main differences between the two are the daily vs. weekly layouts, the added color, the size/weight, and the travelability. The gold/larger one will primarily stay at home, but I think I would bring the floral/medium sized out with me. There is no reason for me to keep both of them as they feature the same things. I just have to decide whether I need the extra columns. Also if I decide to stick with the medium one I will be needing a separate notebook to jot down random things I find (recipes, DIY, quotes). I think I will probably decide closer to July as that's when these planners actually start, but I hope this little comparison helped you!

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