Stella, May I inquire about some of your favorites this fine Friday?

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Of course you may! Today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday post is just about sharing some of my favorite highlights this week. 
First, we made ice pops! We found these reusable silicone ice molds at Ikea! Mister made this real quick concoction with frozen strawberries and lemonade. It turned out pretty tasty but just a little too icy. We are still trying out some recipes/ideas so look out for a post soon for that.

Little Oswald has found a new spot in your tiny home. Which is quite the feat as our place is incredibly small. (You already know we don't have a kitchen...) He made himself a hammock by squeezing in to the curtains and creating a little space to hang out. In the picture the curtains are gray and the blue velvet is the chair he's perched on. It's so adorable! It took us awhile for us to find him the first time.
Little Popcorn has also been finding new spots. Well he seems to be joying the little pine shavings and nestled himself comfortably. The only thing is I think he may be having a reaction to it. We have taken it away for now and going to wait it out to see if the pine shavings are the culprit. Some hedgehog owners use pine shavings as the bedding so it's a little odd to find that ours would be allergic to it.

That's it for now! I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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