Stella May I know what you think about Mac n Cheetos?

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Of course you may. Now I don't think I have shared with you here yet, but I am a massive fan of mac and cheese. To me, it's my ultimate comfort food. Now Cheetos are okay, I like the Hot Cheetos better, but when Burger King announced their newest item I knew I had to try it.
 As you can see I couldn't wait to try them. I just couldn't wait until I got home, this is me in the car. (reminiscent of the donut day, no?) You get six in each order and they are about the size of the Cheetos puffs, maybe just a little fatter.
 They aren't as messy to eat as the Puffs though, my fingers weren't covered in cheese dust afterwards. The outside is crunchy (mind you, my order was warm, not hot) and the middle was creamy. The cheese taste is very much a Kraft style, artificial taste. Well I haven't tried Kraft in a long time, so I don't know what their new one without the food coloring taste like. The macaroni itself is soft and just makes the entire middle even more creamy tasting.
They do come in a cute little box. It really reminds me of that Happy Meals would come in whenever I see it in the commercials. All in all it was a little disappointing. It might be because my order was just sitting there and not freshly made, but I just thought it would have more crunch. Like Cheetos.
Well not these Hello Kitty ones. I spotted these online, does anyone know where to get them?
Have you tried the Burger King Mac and Cheetos? What do you think?

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