Stella May I know how you pack for a Pokémon hunt?

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 Of course you may. Today's Tutorial Tuesday is all about how I pack for a Pokémon hunt. This game has basically consumed my life these days. So much so I need to have a sort of go bag for whenever a Pokémon comes into sight.
 Here is my little pack all stuffed with the necessities. I am using a little field pouch from Mister's camera bag and the camera strap as the strap. It's a good little one with a lot of pockets while being expandable.
 First and probably the most important is a battery pack. I mentioned that this is a battery drainer! Especially if me and the Mister are doing a hunt for a couple of hours, we really need to refuel on power. I've secured the cord with a hair clip and some hair ties. (If things get serious or it's just a little too hot, obvs.)
 Next key things to bring? mosquito repellent. I haven't gotten a chance to pick up the Victoria's Secret perfume (honestly, I am waiting for the inevitable sale), so I am relying on my trusty Kids Herbal Armor. I am not the biggest fan of DEET as it makes me itch, so this stuff has been a lifesaver. Also included are the Honest Company hand sanitizer gel and Nivea Milk and Honey lip balm.
Lastly comes the snacks. Mister is a big fan of candy, specifically sour candy, so I got to pack one of those. I will take it out of the box since it is enclosed separately in a plastic bag inside. Then some classic Rice Krispies Treat and Nature Valley bars. 
If it's a day hunt then I will add in my sunnies and sunblock. The sunblock are sample sizes, so they are perfect to touch up with. These two were included in my Sephora Sun Safety Kit (post here).
Add in my water bottle and I am ready to go. Of course my phone is already in hand, so no need to picture that in the bag. Lately there has been a problem with the step feature that show you how close certain Pokémons are, has that been happening to you? It's a little disappointing to since that's probably my favorite part about the game. I want to catch them all!
What's in my Pokemon Go Pack all listed out: 
battery pack, cable, hair ties/clips, mosquito repellent, hand sanitizer gel, lip balm, candy/snacks, sunglasses, sunblock, water.

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