Stella, May I know how a Victoria Secret perfume can be your mosquito repellent this year?

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Of course you can. With summer approaching is a little over a week, it also means mosquitoes are coming. We happen to live near a small creek, so we get a lot of mosquitoes this time of the year. Fortunately for Mister, those little biters are not attracted to him and unfortunately for me, they are attracted to me and just bite me. But recently Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume has been found to not attract mosquitoes! It creates a temporary masking effect (only a few hours) to repel the mosquitoes. The study was trying to find the best mosquito repellent out there (whether or not it needed DEET), and they used Bombshell as a method to lure the mosquitoes with their flowery scent. Surprisingly the perfume repelled them! 
Now I really don't suggest using only this perfume to ward off the Zika virus as DEET is still the best repellent for that. In the study they really piled on the perfume. However I think I will be adding this perfume as a topper/extra precaution to fend off mosquitoes. I wouldn't mind smelling like purple passion fruit, Shangrila peonies and vanilla orchids! (Those are the notes of the perfume. Which are quite fruity and flowery!) 

Fun fact: Did you know only female mosquitoes bite? The females need your blood to develop the eggs. Now how can you tell the difference between males and females? Well males have fine hairs on their antennae and so they appear more bushy. But because they don't need human blood they tend to avoid humans. Also only the females make the buzzing sounds. So next time you see a mosquito buzzing around trying to get a blood meal you can use the correct pronoun! She!
I don't think I will be picking up this luxe limited edition Bombshell bottle, but isn't it pretty? I will probably get a roller ball as you will need to reapply/respritz every few hours.
And lastly..

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